Lesson again

Its better to pursue my dreams in the time i put in making someone understand me. Don’t expect anything, start doing things for nothing for others. Happiness is in doing things, than collecting rewards.


Who am i

Old habits die hard. Yeah, am in kinda Same situation again and again. Inability to give away things or trying to make things fall in place, desperately. This is not the right time to do it or its ok, to do this how i do it. Exam time is making me go mad at myself. Questions pop up every now and then, ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why are you here?’, am like yeah, i cant really get and answer for it, rather i will study a question for the exam. Its alright. It happens during these times. I can do anything with help of the one who strengthens me, to him i give everything, in him i believe. Whoever am, its all his plan,  am here to do his job. Chill my mind and focus, my part is not yet over for the exam…


Does the Universe conspire??

I really don’t know am being mad stating that, it does. So far, so good in my exams. 3 paper over! Everything was tight around here so far. Papers were very easy and me messing it up in the end, yeah. Hope things go like this for the rest of the season. This phase is…one to keep. My strengths and weaknesses fully exposed to myself. Am loving this, and liking every inch of this. 


Too Early

Life is all about learning, doing mistakes and correcting it. I was not born perfect, so i got to tell myself its too early to give up, everytime. I can do anything, all that matters is will to do it. If there is a will, there will always be a way of doing it. Keep my eyes wide open and ears sharp is important!



I would like to call it that way, this feeling. Ever since i can remember from first ‘internal’ conflict within my family till current scenario running, i only felt being left alone. Stood for each one of 3 ends of me, for what i thought i was right on.

Everytime it was time for me make a giant leap or like i see,the crucial times in my life, including now. The last people i hope to stand by me, give me the support i require mentally, tend to give me worst environment. What to live for now?, I askd everytime i run into these situations. Am too weak to make decisions now, or i dont know how to make one good decision and stick by it. 

Am tired of crying, taking it hard on myself for all this hardtimes. I dont want to call me a loser again. In life or anything i fight, i will fight like a warrior trying to save his men! Yes, my men. I can’t kill me and be with people, who dont seem to understand what ‘family’ means. Am not here to teach them that. If i need any better life, my way is living with the goodness in my heart, be good and hope good people exist and yeah… 

Being alone, my choice or not, to enjoy that is all that i learned from my life…