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Kilometres and Kilometres!

Journal · Travel Diaries

Ride to The Capital of Cholas Via The Foothills of Chamundi ( Part one )

“when life is so monotonous,

give it a thump of enfield”

Before all of it began…

The day before thiruvonam, on 3rd September 2017 I was called back to college to attend ward on 4th. everyone was home for Onam, at first felt sad, but later decided I have to go. Next day morning i found myself driving back to college early with some mixed feelings on me being called up to attend ward. The 90km drive filled me with lot of thoughts! most of it were on getting out of ward and going somewhere, Threeforth way to college I came to know, i was not needed to attend ward that day, someone else was going to replace me! later turned out to be my saviour for the day. Anyway i reached college, found the one who was to replace me for the day, and my work ended by around 10 am!. By that time, i had a thought building up over my head, A SOLO RIDE! Different from the solo trips done this year, here i go with Me, a backpack and My Thunderbird.

But where to go… as always, my trips were always to places where i had friends, family or i had some thing to do there. This plan too ended up in such place! Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur was an easy pick, what turned out to be hard was the route! i had to go thanjavur via different route than 450kms straight through my home!. i tackled that by adding a stop at Mysore, which made journey, one way 650km…One decision that made a whole lot of impact on my travel plans to come after this trip was over!!!

First leg of journey

Here i go… she roared to life at 11:45am and my journey started from college!. Something brought a smile on my face as i rode through, the excitement of making that first ride or the sense of freedom two wheels gave me.

Rules I had put first was no stops unnecessarily, but stop every 50kms! And take long breaks every 100kms. Calculated correctly my first stop happened after 50kms at wayanad chwaram view point


Heavenly First stop and this beautiful view of the bents and the beautiful valley, clouds and hills all filled me with intense excitement. There were lot of people i managed to get some good shots. Stood there feeling the wind. and returned for the rest of the journey up the twists and turns towards the top.

When riding alone, one has the freedom to change destinations while on the ride! one such impulse came at this moment…


That’s when i told myself, this was not an adventure trip ( which later turned out to be one ), rather a journey to meet my friend at mysore and brother in law at thanjavur.

Apart from the last few kilometres to 100, the road was good till i reached mananthavady ( Plan was to avoid Bandipur National park) where i took my long break on the roadside… Just after Kattikulam – Begur Reserve Forest! They had some beautiful roads, but watch out for the humps/rumble strips, meant for animal crossings, Alas! there was so many of them ( I hated those so much). I had stopped for few snaps, like…



as this short stretch of forest reserve finished my second step of journey started…

Second step of journey

Journey so far was more than good, loved each part of it. Then, i was to enter one major forest range! though i had avoided the Bandipur national park, the part i was going to cover is along the border of the same and nearby Nagarhole national park. At first the roads looked little familiar ( i had been to mysore three times ), but as it turned out to be the same road we had went down during the first year tour to mysore. The roads were super good. The twists and turns, Greenery all around, and all i could hear is my engine’s thump!…

Though it was forest zone! i couldnt resist from getting down for some shots like…



and after a rest like for 5 mins, restarted the journey. Finished up rest of the park in next 1 hour or so to end up at the karnataka side of the park. Rajiv Gandhi National Park that’s what they called this side of the reserve. I stopped as i saw a tap roadside, to have some water, near the entrance to park on the karnataka side. A local helped me have some water at the tap ( as it was one of the pumping type of tap )


Was able to get a few shots of kabani reservoir too. I enjoyed the view on the ride further as i stood up on my footrest! Coolest thing to do when i ride the bird..


Once i crossed the park, then it was about 60km to Mysore! Straight clean Roads with scenic beauty on both sides, only thing to be cared for are the cattles, in plenty crossing roads with no fear.


sun rays escaping, producing this effect as my sister called ‘Akashavani’ has been my partner on every travel after this!


This Photo happened as a failed attempt to capture my shadow perfectly aligned with the bullet head. After that stretch of road, i reached my friend’s college around 5pm! ( as usual it was a surprise visit ). After some chit chat there, we went out in search of food ( as i have left at odd time, couldn’t fill my stomach well ). Got a good restaurant, at 6-6:30 pm we were the first customers for dinner that night. Guha Restaurant it was! good ambience ( except it was so dark ), it looked like this!



Leaving that restaurant around 7:30pm, confused whether to halt here or go down 500plus kms to thanjavur! We decided to climb up the hill to top of chamundi to see the night view of Mysore!


Incredible it ended up to be. On the way back, freezing cold it was, so we decided to have a cup of coffee near the college, we had arranged inbetween somewhere to stay for the night! But eventually i decided to depart. As i said in the beginning, Decision that changed my entire riding, since this one!

Final Run of the Day

As i said to my friend when i left from Mysore, ‘i had decided my trip when i started, i dont want to stop it now’. and i started on the 500plus km through some roads google aunty fed on to my ear… To be continued!!!