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Story of breaking apart from relations is never ending tale of emotional drama

It took me a little long – like years – to understand the reason for my sadness in breaking apart from relations. Friendship, love, death or whatever! Leaving one is always giving the same feeling – sad, depressed. So, i set on to search for cause!

Yeah!I too had the same thought – ‘why find a cause? Because Its part and parcel of being human, get sad when someone close leave! Ryt?.

Everyone, in oneself is having individual existence, independent of each other! In a relation or not, that never change. If being an individual is important, being sad in break-up is out of equation. Since am not following an equation, i was bound to get sad! Ryt?. Getting sad was a routine, will be a routine forever, i thought on some bad mornings.

Myself being common in my breakups, i decided to find a reason for my sadness, being a strong believer of individuality i should get that reason and neutralize its effect on me becoming independent. After many long solo rides, searching for it, i got glimpse of one good reason, that could explain everything happened in past breakups.

Explaining oneself to others is difficult, and in a short time its a big task. Doing the same to one who wish to move apart is another difficult story all together. That story had been happening the whole time, with most of my breakups. Trying to explain myself, making myself clear to that person, with some part of me wishing for that person to be there with me, making me fight for it, while another wish to back off! Latter would win in the end but with some scars to learn from and move on.

So yeah! What if i wish to take breakups as an abrupt end to any relation?, Then when will i explain myself, the answer will always be, never explain yourself to anyone, remain oneself… Live Happy!