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Why I Ride???

So all of a sudden i decided to write this post down tonight, because i want to make clear to myself one good reason, ‘Why I Ride?’.

Having MyBird for going anywhere and everywhere meant, that reason is, for being with Matt rest of life. She have become an integral part of my life in past 7 months. Starting with first long ride to the one i made tonight, the amount of trust i have on her, i never had with any. The moments were cursed about the oncoming bright traffic at night to the roadside breaks, were i laid my back on her, will always be the best. From the kickstart in the morning to the time i put her on centre stand for a long rest at nightfall, all i care for is our happiness.

If that’s not it, then i thought watching NPCB ( malayalam movie) about 5years ago, were the hero rides towards the feeling in his heart on his thumping machine, was that reason which made me ride. As portrayed in the movie riding towards a destination is not why we ride, its about the journey and all that comes with it. Ups and Downs, Feelings and Aches, People and Places enroute the destination is more than many reasons why i ride.

Still, is that it?! the respect towards a machine, who puts the same amount of trust on the rider is i think the best reason i would ride for.

I don’t ride because i don’t have anything else to do, i ride because i love, every second of it and i live to ride, ride where ever MyBird would take me. When we are together, all that we care for is each other, hence we ride as long as we can!

NB:- to whom so ever it may concern, this moment of life is more important to me than last second or next minute. I don’t have a dream life, am living it every second! TICK.TICK.TICK…