She and her True love

Like all of us born in 90s she had her first computer ( desktop version ) at her high school and started social networking! Just kidding, in those times, a decade ago, before whatsapp era! Gmail was the identity online and the options to meet new ones online was facebook. Like all, she got her account online, started her virtual social life…

She soon was requested by a boy for friendship online, like all the stories! She accepted him after putting him for jury’s discussion ( her friends! ). Getting to know someone far from you, and talking to them every nonsense we want to talk to is another level of fun! She took full advantage of her belief that she aint gonna meet him ever. While she had just thoughts of being friends, boy went the next stage and proposed her as expected she said ‘No’, she aint for this kind of things, esp when its time to put all these down, quit online life and start working towards board exam coming in a month ( 12th boards ). But it only got continued on phones for the next few months ( oops continued for next few years! ). His friend, who played a important role in making him propose her, soon joined their company of friends. She never liked this friend, she thought he was not of her kind and was not that interested in talking to him. They had good friendship, till one day this friend of friend revealed his heart for her. As usual she said ‘No’. Which later turned to yes, as he opened up his story more to her. And then came the long vacation at the end of school, when we decide on what next in life. Like any, entrance was among options. She had no interest in doing any specific thing! But wanted not to go far from him, and she applied in a college were he also applied for BSc degree. Unfortunately she got in, he didn’t. He got into another college nearby. Oops! Did it end there, Like Happily everafter???

Alas! No. Then came drama! He went abroad to settle in some business, She quit degree course and went on to study for MBBS entrance exam! But why? Yeah, to gain sometime ( from home ) and to stand on her shoes. During her coaching class days, they had kept contact, meeting occassionally here and there! SMSes ( whatsapp was not in the scene )! And few fone calls. When things went off their control they kept silent! Not talking for months.

Adding some twists to the drama, One day her Dad asked about a proposal and she straight away told, she dont want and she is in love. Like any parents, they went on an emotional spree, from which they soon recovered. Her Dad’s first encounter with him, through a call saying, they won’t marry her to him soon, to which he replied would wait for her till she is ready, was truly in the clouds, Baap tho flat ho gayi uspe!. May be after that, it happened to be like any other story! Marriage! And happily ever after.

Note:- i couldnt do justice for the story as it can’t be expressed in this post alone. I wrote to remember this person And for this couple, so lovely!