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What is this world?


“Independence, learned to be independent” a friend replied, when i asked on last year resolutions.

I too had lot of things to be done this year. Most of them checked! Few unchecked/half checked things still left. One out of which is ofcourse, being Independent.

But I dont know how! Dependence to a 4 to 6 inch screen, which can open whole world at finger tips, is taken as a factor in removing dependence to humans.

Why Mobile phones? – I would say, it provides a ‘controlled environment’ to talk to anyone, without being infront of them. Controlled – because the hang up key is there on your side as well.

Why messages? – Make life better, ryt? Waiting till someone start typing Or for light to turn colour all familiar feeling altogether – Independence, My Friend said. Away from all real form of humans!

PS: Independence is a feeling, you get when you do what you needed the most, that too with passion – Do what you Love and Love what you do