Regrouping thoughts

So, It happened to be one of those days where I end up thinking about myself, trying to get myself together. It all happened when I had brought out things that was suppose to be a secret, the conversation carried on to some years and climbed up, that one commented, indirectly how intolerable I were in real. From breaking trust, hurting someone to ending up knowing how things are in real world out there.

It was easy to escape saying its all subjective getting hurt, and it has got nothing to do with me, on whatever I say… But where is my tongue ties? what is all about these loose talks?. Its not that, I should be shutting my mouth starting at this moment, learning to draw line between words that feel good and those that makes people feel bad is what I should be trying.

Its not important for anyone to tolerate me, but people should not just blindly comment am intolerable. Whatever made them say it, got to have a reason, which I have to deal as an immediate priority…