Growing Up

Love what you do, Do what you love!

There can be no happiness if things we believe in are different from the things we do

Lately, I was thinking about my future days to come. I was said, by elders, to keep the spirit live inside by thinking about the beautiful future, what you will become, imagining yourself in that sort of high position, etc these always helped me get up and fight back when i was down. But it is not so now, all those days i dreamt about, the high positions i will become is going to happen in very less time, and am afraid. Now, I get questions up in my head, strange feeling in my gut when i think, so i rarely do so. Instead, I started pushing those questions out from my head, with difficulty, yes, am improving. What this has to do with growing up?

August 16, 2012, it all started that day, when i think and ask myself what i have done or changed in me since that day, i hardly find anything. Four years since joining this college, i doubt what have changed in me! Did i grow up? Or did i just existed here?. Many things happened at different levels, did i go up or down?. One thing i keep telling myself ever since i started introspecting is, ‘I never came here with these thoughts’, is it a sign of change. I believe it is. 


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