First post!!!

Pretty excited about my first post, was wondering how to begin everything here. I’ve been thinking of a suitable topic for a while now, and finally decided to write a series on growing up…

Born in the 90’s, I got the opportunity to have the glimpse of 20th century, though BPL tv, Arial antenna, DD news, Sunday evening movie, Video games, Costly Keypad mobile phones, Vague term internet (then), all that i could remember that fascinated me, well ofcourse in my school days. If it was each year or so, in those times I got to hear something big happening around (ofcourse, into the early 21st a bit, as i grew to someone who understood what is heard), nowadays its like everyday or so, new developments, in every field around me. To grow up in these times is tough, dreams keep on drifting, feelings change like the everyday science, still to grow is the challenge I find more interesting these days.

Enrolled to the medical college in my mid 19, I knew very little on my opportunities, what i wanted from life, or what i should do about it. 4 years into it, Now in the final phase of getting myself up for the ultimate gameplan to crack the final 4 months, am afraid of what awaits, the fear of growing up as some would call it. Questions keep popping up my head, what next?. Medical college changed me, from someone who had wished to become a doctor and do biotechnology research to someone who wish to stay idle, do nothing for rest of the life (ofcourse, that is not possible), or at least travel around, see places! I keep on asking, why? Was medical college that confusing?, was the time here so hectic that i didnot do enough homeworks for my future? or is it just the mere act of growing up?.


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